Sudoku Packs

Thumb Wizards proudly presents Sudoku Packs, the follow up to the popular Sudoku Puzzle Packs.

Sudoku Packs features numerous handpicked Sudoku puzzles expanding six progressive difficulty packs.  Sudoku Packs is an exhilarating and challenging game for both novice and experienced players.  You can play the classic 9 x 9 puzzle grids or venture your way through each puzzle pack. Defeat all the packs to win the game!   If your Sudoku addiction cannot be tamed by the traditional book of puzzles, then take it to new heights with Sudoku Packs.

Game Features

  • 9 Beautifully detailed puzzle themes!
  • Regular free updates!
  • Cell assistance to help you through the tough areas.
  • Share Sudoku puzzles via E-mail, Twitter or AirPrint.

Sudoku Packs is a great game, even if you have never played Sudoku or are looking for exciting ways to teach friends of any age how to master the game.


All the puzzles within Sudoku Packs, Sudoku Packs 2 & Sudoku Packs 2 HD differ across these multiple great apps. Make sure to also check out Sudoku Packs 2 HD for iPad and Sudoku Packs 2 for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

App Info

P April 19, 2011Released

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We have taken the basic drab look of numbers on graph paper and infused gorgeous graphics and customizable themes that set our product apart from the competition.